Storytelling Bonfire w/ UVA Humanities Week

The bonfire makes its return this Thursday at 8pm, but it’s a Special Edition one! Once a year we get to be the gracious hosts of a UVA Humanities Week event and it’s that time again babyyyyy. Yeehaw! Here’s their wonderfully written description:

“What are the stories that have influenced your life? Settle around the fire with us and share the stories that matter to you! Folklore from your culture, poetry, a passage from your favorite novel; anything is welcome! Explore with us how art can shape your life. We’ll be offering s’mores and chocolates!”

Sounds great to me! Let’s show ’em some good ol’ broken bench, backless chair, ShRED SHACK  (116 Washington Avenue) hospitality.

Sign-up here: so we can get a sense of attendance.

And check out the rest of their events while you’re at it: 

Trees, bees, & scraped knees,

Ed & the Officers