Summer 2020 Update!


Given that the semester is starting in roughly 3 weeks, we wanted to hit you guys with a little update. 

Right now, the (brand new!!) Officer Corps is working diligently to provide you guys with a new COVID-19 Policy that will detail our plan to resume club activities safely. Included in that will be our plan for reopening the gear room as well. We know that it’s been frustrating not being able to check out gear this summer and we are so grateful for how patient everyone has been :’).

To help us in creating our new policy PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to the link below and complete the ODC Return to Grounds Survey. One of the great things about our club is the fact that we have so many members, and we want those voices heard!!

As hard as it is to keep you guys waiting any longer, we do want to make it clear that before the COVID-19 Policy that we are working on is complete, we will not be able to hold trips or check out gear. DO NOT WORRY! At the very latest, this will be released by August 25th.

Other things to look out for:

  • a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion chair position has been created in the Officer Corps and we will be releasing an application shortly
  • Trip leader resources for how to make the most of trips in Charlottesville
  • Educational resources for Environmental and Social Justice

We want to thank you guys again for being so patient with us during this time and can’t wait to see your silly faces this fall <3

Beep boop,

Sophia and the Officers