This weather sure has been funky, and now its time for US to get funky at our first ODC x Swap collab!!!!!! So, next Friday (the 16th) at 9 pm come on down to the shred shack (116 Washington Avenue) to meet some awesome new people, dance your ass off, and have a funky fresh time!

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE: this party is going to be CLOTHING SWAP THEMED!!!!!!!

That means come wearing someone else’s clothes! Maybe its just your besties shirt, or maybe its a whole outfit from your roommate’s closet. You can go chill and swap with someone you’re similar in style to, or switch it up in a major way– swap with someone super feminine if you dress masc, switch with your sorority friend if you’re grunge, you get the idea. Personally, I WILL be getting funky with it and I hope this inspires you to do the same 🙂

But, no matter what you decide to wear, come ready to have fun and meet our friends from Swap!!!

(IMPORTANT: this is NOT a clothing swap event, we will not be donating clothes, we will be partying. HOWEVER you should totally check out Swap club if you want to attend more clothing swaps because they are an awesome org!)