T Shirt Design Contest !!

Are y’all stoked about new ODC Merch??? Are y’all ready for a new T-Shirt design???? I hope you are because this year, we are going to be having a contest for a new design for the backs of our T-Shirts!!! Seeing as so many of us are rocking our wonderful merch from last year, we wanted to switch it up and have a funky design on the backs of our T-Shirts– one that we can switch each year to make it new and fresh. BUT to make it even better, we wanted to have one of our wonderful members make the design. 


As I said, the plan is to switch up the design each year so that we have a series of awesome, member designed T-Shirts for the coming years. The design will go on the back of our comfort colors T-Shirts (pictured below), with our sendy V on the front pocket. We will run this as a contest, through google forms. Anyone who is called to share a design can submit theirs on THIS google form. We will keep the submission form open until just before school (Jan 16, midnight), and then I will compile all the submissions into yet ANOTHER google form, which will then open for voting! 


After voting is complete, we will get ready to send out a merch order form to all you lovely humans, with the new T-Shirt design in place!!! 


Here are the guidelines and some inspo:

  • The design will be printed on the back of our T-Shirts, in all white (keep this in mind when drawing)
  • Every part of the drawing should be clear and defined in order to have the best resolution when printing
  • Feel free to include whatever you want– whatever embodies the ODC you know and love!!!
    • and you could add our name/the school year (23/24) if you want, but ya dont have to!
  • Here is an example of an old vasst shirt that has a one color solid print on the back:
  • And here is the front of our shirt (one of your designs will go on the back!)


TL;DR: We are having a contest for a design for the back of our ODC T-shirts! If you want to design one, check out the guidelines above, and then send in an image of your design in the google form HERE.  The form will close at midnight on Jan 16!


Peace, love and dirt,

Jade & The Officers