TLDR: Holiday Bash this FRIDAY at 9:00 pm AND clothing swap this SUNDAY 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm 


Happy winter cold frigid time friends. I wish I could promise a hot fireplace but the state of the Shred Shack chimney is unfortunately unknown and quite frankly of questionable safety. Regardless, let us be warm and merry together one last time before we descend into finals mode and part ways for winter time adventures. See ya Friday!!!!!

What: Hot holiday bevvies, good friends and perhaps a chit chat or two.  *BRING YOUR OWN MUG or CUP PLEASE!!!!! *

When: This Friday! December 2! 9 pm!!!

Where: Shreddy Shred Shred Shack (116 Washington Ave)

Wear: Holiday-esc attire if you feel so inclined. Anything from ugly sweaters to Full Grinch Costumes will be readily accepted and appreciated.


We will be having an outdoors club clothing swap next Sunday, 12/4 from 3-5 pm at the shred shack (116 Washington Ave)!! Swing by to drop off any clothes you wish to part ways with or look around for some well-loved clothes to adopt! Any leftover clothes will be donated.

Everyone is welcome, so join us even if you don’t have clothes to donate! We’re looking forward to this being a pleasant end of semester gathering where we can enjoy one another’s company while also promoting a good cause. Rumor has it if you bring a mug you may even receive some hot cocoa!

Peace, love, holiday spice, and dirt,

<3 Shay and the officers

*Shred Shack is taking mug and cup donations/gifts for all the ones the gremlins have stolen**

**this is a joke but also not a joke