Adapted from Renee’s Meeting Summary and Ed’s Policy Proposal:


We recently voted to include Outdoor Club members in the process of electing our most public-facing and university-required positions. These positions are President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Note that we are piloting these changes and they are not permanent. Based on the success of this election we will vote to continue, modify, or suspend this change to our voting process. We decided to use a weighted bias vote. With this system we are attempting to balance the voice of our members with the inside knowledge and experience of the officer corps to make the best, representative choice in who leads the club. Weighted bias voting works similarly to grade category weighting, which is where you may have seen this sort of system before. We understand that this system of voting is kinda confusing, here is an explanation using a 60/40 weighting. 

  • [members vote % for each candidate] *0.4 = percent of popular vote received
  • [officers votes % for each candidate] *0.6 = percent of officer vote received
    • add up percentages received for each candidate- majority vote wins 
      • Stanley receives 35% of the popular vote and Geranium receives 65% of the popular vote 
      • Stanley receives 50% of officer vote and Geranium receives 50% of the officer vote 


popular vote S = (35*0.4) = 14%

officer vote S = (50*0.6) = 30%

total vote S = (14+30) = 44%

popular vote G = (65*0.4) = 26%

officer vote G = (50*0.6) = 30%

total vote G = (26+30) = 56%

Geranium WINS 


We voted for a 69% Officers, 31% Members bias (note: we know this is serious, after much debate the final options were 70/30 and 69/31 for funsies and we literally voted on that one percent. Please take this seriously regardless).


To be a voting member of ODC you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • led 2 trips this school year
  • attended 4 trips this school year

you cannot vote if you do not meet this criteria! 



Voting Form: 



Role Descriptions:

President ODC Manual Version S23 (Public)

Vice President ODC Manual Version S23 (Public)

Treasurer ODC Manual S23 (Public)


Voting will close at 5pm Friday the 28th and the officers will vote on Sunday the 30th


Now go vote ya silly gooses!



Sophia, Ed, & the Officers