We hope y’all enjoyed the clothing swap because now it’s time to swap out exec. That’s right… I can’t be President forever. Some day soon I will step down and be reincarnated as a wee clover in the Shrack backyard to watch over the next generation of shredders.

Last year we piloted the inclusion of Outdoor Club members in electing our most public-facing and university-required positions. These positions were President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Historically the whole election process was done inside the Officer Corps but no longer and this year we made it official. The current system attempts to balance the voice of our members with the inside knowledge and experience of the Officer Corps to make the best, representative choice in who leads the club. We use weighted bias voting which works similarly to grade category weighting.

We voted to keep the 69% Officers, 31% Members bias ! 6969696942042069 L O L 

It’s silly in terms of that specific number, but we were between 70/30 and 69/31 so of course we chose to preserve the trademark ODC humor for years to come.

We understand that this system of voting can be confusing, here is an explanation using the 69/31 weighting. 

  • [members vote % for each candidate] *0.31 = percent of popular vote received
  • [officers votes % for each candidate] *0.69 = percent of officer vote received
    • add up percentages received for each candidate- majority vote wins 
      • Chain Lube III receives 35% of the popular vote and Prusik P. Prusik receives 65% of the popular vote 
      • Chain Lube III receives 50% of officer vote and Prusik P. Prusik receives 50% of the officer vote 


popular vote CLIII = (35*0.31) = 10.85%

officer vote CLIII = (50*0.69) = 34.5%

                     total vote CLIII = (10.85+34.5) = 45.35%

popular vote PPP = (65*0.31) = 20.15%

officer vote PPP = (50*0.69) = 34.5%

                     total vote PPP = (20.15+34.5) = 54.65%

Prusik P. Prusik WINS 


To be a voting member of ODC you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • led 2 trips this school year
  • attended 4 trips this school year

you cannot vote if you do not meet this criteria! 



Role Descriptions:

President ODC Manual Version S23 (To Be Public)

Vice President ODC Manual Version S23 (Public)

Treasurer ODC Manual S23 (To Be Public)

Voting will close at 5pm Friday the 26th (approximately a week from now) and the officers will vote on Sunday the 28th. 

Now go vote ya silly gooses!


Ed & the Officers