Hellooooo, our delightive, vibrational, fellow ECOSYSTEM INHABITANTS!!!!

Autumn has dove upon us and, in the spirit of crisp crunchy leaves a’breakin, we deliver to you a short but oh-so-sweet announcement: TREES AND SPROUTS ARE HERE BABAY. A NEW CHAPTER OF ODC REIGNS SUPREME!!!

Basically, we have matched trees with sprouts based on your responses to our mystery form (oohhhhh the mystery lives on), but don’t worry, we as shredlings don’t settle for just any ol sprout→tree binary. Nay, we know you all are nuanced and wonderful humans, and in the spirit of honoring this complexity, we have rolled out mini family TREESPROUT ECOSYSTEMS.

In otha words, you may have 3 people in your ECOSYSTEM!!!! You can find your fellow eco-inhabitants on dis here spreadsheet:  

Trees, please send a little intro email to your sprouts and y’all can make a groupchat or a carrier pigeon ring from there. Whatever floats your boat because we wholeheartedly think you’re all cool and the outdoors are a more full place with friends. Feel free to get together on your own, come to club events/ trips as an ecosystem, or even just send appreciation pictures of the fall leaves!! <3 and STAY TUNNEDDDD for a swankay ~ecosystem family special~ bonfire in late October!!!!

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Ed, Renee, or Grace with any questions, and ENJOY ESTABLISHING YO ECOSYSTEMS OUR BELOVED SHREDFRIENDS!!! <3 <3 <3