Written for you by the mystical magical Grace Gray:

It’s almost November, but it feels like spring?!? Despite being severely alarming for climate change, it seems like the world is telling us to nurture seeds and see what blooms…aka, CONNECT WITH OUR BELOVED TREES AND SPROUTS OF DA ODC. Oh yeah babay, its TROUTS TIME. Here’s the vision: we gather next Thursnight around a warm fire, roast up some s’mores and other cube-shaped fire-bolstered munchies, and revel not only in the magic of outdoors-loving community but specific, real live, ALREADY MATCHED FRIENDS!!!! Feel free to bring any instruments, a vessel for warm drinks, strangely specific questions about hypothetical life situations, and just your amazing, wondrous self.

Word on the street is that we have some special endeavors for our TreeSprout families all planned up….

We can’t wait to see you wondrous people at the shrack around 8pm!!!