What’s the plan for summer? (Operational update)

Dearest dirt children of UVA, 

I know what you’re thinking – zoom school is over and adventure time is starting. So you’re asking, what’s the haps for this summer? Can I initiate shredding with my favorite ODC pals? As COVID precautions are gently lifted, will I watch the sun rise once again on Blackrock or Humpback with my fellow hoos?

Here’s the deal:

If you plan to be in the Charlottesville area this summer and want to find adventure buddies, join this groupme link:


This groupme will be used for all coordination to send, shred, swim, sun bask, and star gaze until August when the club will officially re-start for the semester (most likely with car pooling and mega trips, but TBD until the end of the summer when plans can be confirmed). All members can join! All we ask is that if you choose to adventure and carpool with friends, that you all use your best COVID safety precautions depending on your vaccination situation and other factors. 

Congrats to the class of 2021! We will miss you dearly. Remember that you always have a home in the Outdoors Club and around the fire pit in the backyard of the Shred Shack. To the rest of you, congrats on finishing finals and I absolutely cannot wait for the adventures that will come in the fall. 

Happiest of trails, HAGS, stay safe, 

Eliza and the officers