Winter Break Gear Rooms!

Frigid and Frozen Friends and Fiends of ODC,



Winter Break is indeed upon us and with the end of classes at UVA comes some changes to how the Gear Room will operate.

During Break ODC discontinues regularly scheduled gear room hours. This begins at the end of classes on 12/5. Break gear rooms are scheduled on a case by case basis depending on when/if ODC officers are in Cville. If we are or are planning to be in town, we are more than happy to coordinate with you! You can coordinate a gear room by emailing us at or holla via the ODC groupme.

Officers may have “pop-up” gear rooms throughout Break or announce the time of gear rooms that have been requested so that all may benefit. As these can be on shorter notice, they will be announced via the club groupme.

If you are currently in possession of gear we ask that you please coordinate with us to return it! Gear tends to get really lonely and homesick the longer it is away from the gear room. If we are not able to coordinate a good time to collect your gear at the gear room or otherwise before the spring semester we ask that you please hang on to it and store it in a proper manner until regularly scheduled gear rooms resume.

Reimbursement policies also change over Break. Gas is reimbursed up to $100 with no tip, there is no reimbursement for lodging or food. See the trip leader manual for more information.



Thanks for vibing with the change. We can’t wait to see what everyone gets up to this winter!



Peace, love & dirt.

Mitch & the officers