NRGE-River Surfing (Advanced Whitewater Trip)

Nick Gomer

What up homies? Ever thought you could surf? On a river? Well you can, and we are gonna: The Details: The Gauley River is home to the “Perfect Wave,” a small standing wave that is running at nearly any water level and asking for us to shred it up. Sunday morning we will pack up and head to the wave …

West Virginia, Mountain Mamaaa (Big Schloss/Wolf’s Gap Overnight)

Eliza Stowe

Late-September, fall colors peeking out, perfectttt temps to be outside, crisp fall air, having a lovely picnic dinner complete with warm nalgene water, and singing John Denver while watching the vibrant sun dip slowly behind the West Virginia mountains at the “coolest view in the Shenandoah Valley”????? If you imagine this to be your ideal friday night after a long …