Intermediate-Advanced White Water Kayaking – the James Through Richmond

Dave Clark

This is typically a great time of year for intermediate WW kayakers to paddle the lower James River through Richmond. Old Man Winter does a good job of raising the water table and keeping the river at a consistent level. I suspect the level will dance between 4-4.5 feet for a while; perfect for intermediate paddlers. Normally I would let …

New Year Celebration on the Water; Kayaking Downtown Richmond

Dave Clark

I love to start the new year right with a day on the river. Join me on Jan 3 in a quest to celebrate the new year with James on a float trip through downtown Richmond. The James through Richmond is typically a class 2-3 run, but is more challenging this time of year because of the cold water and …

Intermediate White Water Kayaking – the James Through Richmond

Dave Clark

It’s been sooo long since I’ve had a free day to kayak, but finally, I have the green light for this Sunday. Come join me on this classic urban whitewater run as the James pours alongside downtown Richmond. With the recent widespread rain and the colder temps, I expect the water table to be on its way up as it …