Watercolor Weekend: Art Time at Ragged Mtn Reservoir

Anna-kin Flywalker, Shredi Master

Hiya dirtbags! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet: You, me, and Chase. We meet up at Ragged at 1pm. We look at the trees, make some art, and leave 2 hours later feeling reconnected with nature and ourselves. Awesome. This trip is organize-your-own-transport but, that being said, I’d be happy to help you figure out how to get there …

Ye’ Ole Faithful: Ragged Mountain Sunset Paddle

Allie Lowy

Don’t let February weather in the high sixties be cause for climate anxiety and cognitive dissonance — let it be an occasion to bask in the natural wonders of C’ville while your workload is still light. Wait a second, loopy old fourth year, what natural wonders does C’ville have, closer than Humpback and Shenandoah? Lean in close, young grasshopper, and …

Sunset Paddleboarding Social

Nick Gomer

ABSTRACT: Sunsets are pretty, especially over water. Friday will be gorgeous. Some of our most profound moments in nature happen in “backyard nature.” DISCUSSION: Want a low time commitment relaxing evening outdoors? Look no further than nearby Ragged Mountain to hone your SUP Skillz, bear witness to Apollo riding away with the sun, and hangout with cool peeps. Sunset is …