Hello ODC friends,

I, Mitch, am emailing you all for the second night in a row (wow). This time I have a bit more of a serious reminder. I am extolling you all. Please. RETURN YOUR GEAR TO THE GEAR ROOM. Gear is due a week after it is checked out. This can be extended by coming into a gear room (preferable) or emailing the officers to renew your checkout. Keeping gear for extended periods of time without officer approval is an HONOR OFFENSE.  >:(


You can read more of our gear policy as well as the gear handbook here.


I want everyone to do a quick, 30 second mental search of all the club trips you’ve been on recently, or over the summer, and all the gear that you borrowed. Now think, did you turn that gear back in? If the answer is no, please get it back to the gear room ASAP and all will be grand!! If you cannot make any of the set gear room times (sent weekly in our weekly gear room/newsletter email) please email the officers at and you can set up a return method with us.


We are coming up on Fall Break and have a LOT of people that would love to use our gear. Lets please try and make sure they have the opportunity to do so! Likewise, if you are leading a fall break trip, please try and be mindful of your “gear footprint”.


Gear We Are Especially Missing/Want:

  • pocket rockets (stoves)
  • headlamps
  • sleeping bags
  • sleeping pads
  • everything else – please turn it in!


I wish you all a very pleasant give me all your gear,