Learn to Slackline @ Ohill

Mason Riffee

Fellow Slack-aronies, The trip description says it all: we’re gonna setup some slacklines and learn the ropes (ha!). Don’t be intimidated; slacklining is surprisingly easy to pick up — all you need is patience, relaxation, and concentration. You don’t really need anything at all for this trip. Just show up 🙂

Finals Night Stroll

Molly Gonenne

Does your brain stop working after 4000000+ hours of staring at your computer pretending to study? Same. Join me for a quick study break by going on a lil night hike, potentially star gazing depending on the weather, before you get back to the quizlet set you’re working on. Plan: 10:45 Link up at ohill dining hall front entrance 11:00 …

Spring Wild Edible Plant Walk!

Olivia Lewis

Have you ever wanted to learn more about wild edible plants, explore new parts of grounds, look at flowers, and learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse? Well fortunately, next Friday (April 19) you can do all three at once! The plan is to meet at the O-hill dining hall entrance at 5:00, start in new dorms and meander over …

Rivanna for Breakfast

Connor Siggins

What’s up guys, my poor little knees have been running on all concrete lately and I need a trail to change things up. Plan: Meet at O-Hill at 9:00am. Once everyone is gathered, run at a reasonable pace to the Rivanna trail head on Fontaine and make our way to Ivy, up Lewis Mountain and back down to O-Hill. The …

My Parents Hate Me Hike

Molly Gonenne

Hey guys. So parents weekend is almost upon us and since my parents will not be visiting (I was never the favorite child) I would like to spend some time away from grounds and all the lovey-dovey family stuff, and spend time with my real mother: MOTHER NATURE. So here is the game plan: meet at O-hill at 9:00 (I’m …

***Cancelled***Sunrise Friday (Postponed from Saturday)

Ruth Alber

Yo this trip isn’t happening because no drivers signed up plus I’m sick and can’t really do much of anything. Take a break from studying/stress/life. The sunrise trip seems to be pretty popular and I wanted to get in on the action. Plus this is my first time hiking Humpback so it should be a real adventure 🙂 :::extra info::: …

Plant Identification Walk Around Grounds!

Audrey Stephenson

Hey Guys! Meet at O’Hill Dining Hall at 5:30 pm. Olivia Lewis will be guiding us around grounds looking for edible wild plants! The plan is to start in new dorms and meander over to the lawn. Come join if you want to know more about plants, learn how to survive the zombie apocalypse, or you just want an excuse …