Old Rag.

Sidney Stephens

I am now a second year and have no Old Rag experience under my belt, something I am ashamed to admit, and consequently feel the need to change ASAP. I have never lead a trip nor have I ever hiked Old Rag so why not send it and do both for the first time this weekend! The plan is to …

Early Bird Hike to Monticello

Ethan Nyberg

Join me for a morning loop on the Secluded Farm Trails off Monticello (Saunders) Boardwalk! Check out Cville from Monticello and mark it off your 114+ things to do before you graduate. It looks like it should be cool in the 75s during the hike. We’ll jump-start our day with steady elevation gain, and in 40 minutes be rewarded with …

Intermediate / Advance Trip to Kaymore

Matthew Behrens

If you cant make it saturday to Tommy’s trip…you can get sunburned on mine I’ll be doing a day trip to the New River gorge for those interested, Probably go to Kaymor. We’ll leave around 7:30am, climb till dark, and be home by 11 or 12, with enough time to head to bars or to bed depending on your motivation. …

Marathon Hike

Sergei Egorov

Back by popular demand, the traditional annual pre-creekathon marathon hike. We will hike 26.2 miles along the spectacular Wild Oak trail, bring water, snacks, headlamp. Club provides seat in a car/gas money; drivers get off the waitlist first.

Secluded Farm Trail Early Bird Loop Hike

Emil Frlez

Join me for an early morning loop on the Secluded Farm Trails off Monticello (Saunders) Boardwalk! We’ll jump-start our day with steady elevation gain, and in 40 minutes be rewarded with views of Charlottesville below us through the trees – all before classes start! This is a 4.5-mile circuit hike with total elevation gain of ~600 feet. After a gentle …

Crabtree Falls Hike

Amanda Wagner

Join me on a hike to Crabtree Falls, arguably the most beautiful set of waterfalls in Virginia! The hike is 5 miles round trip, about 3.5 hours. This hike is for intermediates or anyone who wants to get a good afternoon hike in with a great view to kickstart the weekend. Another driver will be needed so attendees will be …

Cliff Jumping

Doug Vitez

There is a rock quarry in Schuyler (about 35 minutes South of UVA) that is great for cliff jumping. The quarry has a 10, 15, and 50 foot jump into a bottomless pool of water. This trip is open to anyone, but isn’t recommended to people afraid of heights. All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, …

Pilgrimage to Ragged Mountain

Ryan Elliott

Incase you havent celebrated Easter in another way so far which is far to common in college students as there are no traditions of particular interest to college students connected with Easter. Anyway back to what i was saying, come Pilgrimage to Ragged Mountain with me. Feel free to bring painted eggs along preferably those yogurt covered chocolate ones. So …

Saturday Traipse Down/Up the Rocky Mount Trial!!

Ryan Elliott

For those of you that cant make it out for the Sunday hike for whatever reason (mine being that 9am would be the apocalypse on this particular Sun.) here is Saturday hike of similar caliber. So I have heard lots of good things about this trail. It no doubt has some awesome views to gawk at and possibly have some …

Another 14 Miles on the Appalachian Trail

Valentina Minak

Let’s do another 14 miles on the Appalachian Trail this weekend. We’ll start at Rockfish Gap, and hike up up up to Humpback Mountain. To give you a better idea of the topography: -Miles 1-5: relatively flat -Miles 5-7: 500 foot climb -Miles 7-8: relatively flat -Miles 8-11: steep 2000 foot climb -Miles 11-14: flat or downhill I expect it’ll …