Grace Gray

Ok, this trip was just so fun last week and I think there’s never too much honoring of our good ol’ chimp and hominid ancestors in the void above, so we’re kicking it back to Slaughter on this coming RIPE BEAUTIFUL THURSDAY MORNING for some climbing and sunrise-watching!!! Here’s the plot: Convene at the grand Slaughter Rec at 6:00 (I’ll …


Grace Gray

I don’t know about you, but I think my two weeks of solitude have showed me life’s true values: laughing with a real live human, bathing ourselves in the sun’s first rays, and moving through the air in a vertical motion. And Thursday morning is shaping up to be the PERFECT time to engage in these fundamental pursuits. Come join …

Bouldering at Slaughter

Kieran Humphreys

Hello people of ODC! I’m desperate for excuses to not be looking at my computer, and climbing at Slaughter is definitely one of them. If you wanna join me next Friday the 12th, sign up! I reserved the 5:30 – 7:00 time slot and there are a lot of spots left but if you want to come you should sign …

Logistically, this could fail.

John Cooney

Howdy folks. The trip name says it all. The details of this plan may fail… IF YOU DO NOT ACT IMMEDIATELY! Slaughter allows you to reserve 1.5 hour slots to climb in their climbing gym. I’ll be going next Wednesday at 7:30pm; I want you to join me. If you want to join me though, you need to go to …

help me lose my slaughter virginity!

blair nicol

last week i led a beginner trip to rocky top, all of us having climbed maybe once before, and it was an absolute blast just trying our best. yes, a 6-year-old, who proudly told us he’d been climbing for 4 years now, may have made us look like absolute fools, but it inspired me to climb more so here we …

Beginner Bouldering Workshop

Matthew Houff

Have you been thinking about trying out climbing at Slaughter but you’re afraid you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing? Well you’re in luck! Slaughter Rec Center has a small bouldering gym that is FREE for students and is a great place to go from 0 to climbing if you are and absolute beginner. The plan is that …

Shredmas Day 3: Beginner Bouldering at Slaughter

Anna-kin Flywalker, Shredi Master

On the second day of Shredmas John Cooney gave to me, a climbing workshop, two biking gloves, and a gnartridge in a pear tree. ~ Waitlist ~ Priority will be given to people who haven’t climbed before ~ Here’s the plan ~ 7:00-7:15: you show up, fill out the waiver, and watch the Slaughter Orientation Video 7:15: We meet up …

Beginner Bouldering Close to Home

Matthew Houff

Have you wanted to try out climbing but you’re broke/ Peak is a bit to far away for you? This trip is for beginners who want a chill intro to climbing at the FREE bouldering facilities at Slaughter. THE PLAN: 4pm – Arrive at Slaughter 4:05pm- Waiver and Intro Video 5pm- Leave the gym with tired hands and big smiles …

Beginner Bouldering Beta: Intro to Climbing at Slaughter

Anna-kin Flywalker, Shredi Master

So you’ve been wanting to try out climbing but don’t have anyone to go with. No more! Join me and a few other beginner climbers in learning the ropes at the UVA Climbing Center. This is going to be pretty informal; I’m mostly just there so that you don’t have to get into climbing by yourself. However, I will be …

Total Lunar Eclipse

Katrina Salmons

There’s going to be a fantastic astronomical event tonight: a total lunar eclipse! The full eclipse should happen between 9:50-10:00pm. We’ll meet in the Slaughter Gym parking lot (going past O-Hill Dining it’s on your right) and we’ll walk up O-Hill to the Observatory area. Meet at Slaughter around 9:20pm. You bring: warm clothes, hat, gloves, camera, and your sense …

Beginning/Intermediate Day Hike of Old Rag Mountain

Chris Nirschl

This is going to be a great hike. After about a two hour drive, it’s about nine miles total with an amazing view from the top of the mountain. The hike starts off slowly with lots and lots of switchbacks. Once we’re about 2/3 of the way up, however, the hike becomes incredibly fun as it becomes a rock scramble. …

Swimming, Walking and Enjoying Sugar Hollow

Mona Kattan

Apparently we can swim in a swimming hole (with rope swing). The place is beautiful. We will lightly hike and explore the place. Bring lunch, water,swim suit, warm clothes (in case), good/comfortable shoes.

High Ropes Course at UVa Poplar Ridge

Matthew Rosefsky

This is an awesome opportunity to make new friends while challenging yourself on a high ropes course and in trust-based and other types of activities on the ground. Here’s what the Eric Henkel, Poplar Ridge director, says about the experience: “The high ropes course at Poplar Ridge is an opportunity to challenge yourself as you climb between trees over sixty …